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Posted on Dec 12, 2010

Hi — I’ve been migrating my diary from the old website. Currently, I’m up to the year 2007 and have been laughing my ass off to read how many times I said, “We’ll be finished later this year.”

Oh, if only I had (insert domination) for every time I wrote that phrase!

To recap, we did finish the film at the end of 2008 and were accepted into SXSW for 2009. But a equipment failure out of the hands of the festival prevented its screening and so I pulled the film out of the festival (they generously offered a re-screening later in the festival). I took the extremely rare snafu to be a sign that the film wasn’t ready for its premiere and re-edited it. It’s now finished once again, here at the end of 2010.

We’ve been notified that On Location: Memphis has accepted the film into their music/film festival, which is outstanding! Blaze has family in Memphis and we expect to have a great time there with the warm hospitality of Memphis folk.

I’ll be filling in the missing diary entries and adding to it as we progress. In the meantime, please come back to visit the website because daily I plan to add more information and improve its look and feel. After that, I’ll continue to add a new video every week for as long as I can. (One good thing about having worked on a documentary for 12 years is that I’ve got A LOT OF VIDEO of Blaze and Blaze-related stuff.)

Thanks for visiting today!
Kevin Triplett
Austin, Texas

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