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Available from Lost Art Records in Austin, Texas.

Lost Art Records also carries the documentary soundtrack CD which also tells the story of Blaze's life (easy, since he wrote about his life). In addition to Blaze, Lost Art also carries the late, great Texas songwriter Bill Neely. Lost Art Records is a great outfit and they deserve your support.

This is the hour-long movie being shown in songwriter clubs all around the world. It contains the original movie trailer and has a special feature that allows you to watch the various segments of the film in different orders, so you can experience the movie in multiple ways! The inside cover also features Blaze's handwritten lyrics from his signature song, If I Could Only Fly.

Available from Lost Art Records in Austin, Texas.

Thank you for purchasing this DVD, it helps me continue to show the film and introduce more people to the music and story of Blaze Foley!

Contact me at with any questions. Thanks!